Welcome Rose

Welcome Rose

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Revealing Day May 19, 2012

At Hawaii Prince in Ewa

Hawaii Alpha chapter
Teresa, Anna, Judy, Denise, Linda, Emily, Kelly, Sue (behind)
Joanna (standing in for Pi'ilani), Nancy, Patricia
Susie, Mom and Lisamarie in front.

Great conversation and delisciouse food...

sharing with wonderful Sisters.

Sue recieved Program of the Year; Denise was co-hostess.

All sisters signed card for new chapter...

Thanks to Teresa and Linda for starting a chapter in Waienae.

Mom donated $100 to the Ways & Means Committee.

We found out who our Secret Sisters were...I was right when I guessed Judy;-)
After a few guesses Judy guessed the right Sister...
then Emily guessed hers...
and Teresa finally guessed hers, because it was Emily again;-)
and Teresa was Denise's SS...
Denise was Nancy's SS...
a few of us took turns being Mom's SS because seh kept track of the SSs...
Mom took Kelly as her SS...
Anna was Susie's SS, "and I liked to get something for her daughter also";-) 
Patricia could not guerss her SS...thne she found out it was Anna;-) 
 Revealing Day really is so much fun for both SSs...

Lisamarie (who had Pi'ilani) finally got her SS gift from Linda..
and we all said "Aloha" to Pi'ilani over the pnone...
Prayers for Pi'ilani to get well and come back from Leave of Absence...
"we need for her to teach us Sorority songs!"
Pi'ilani had Linda...where's Linda's photo???

Sue sure loved all her gifts from Patricia...

I tried to get all the Sisters and their SSs;
however, sorry if I missed a Sister...
I'm not too good at uploading and posting!

Judy passed on
the Corresponding Secretary's box
to Kelly...

Judy will meet with the Executive Board and Committees during the summer...
                                                                 as will the Committees, to prepare for next year...
Have a wonderful summer Sisters and have fun getting together during the summer as time permits;-)
Mom and I will thnk of you and keep in touch as we are on our Road Trip to see family
and meet Sisters...  Aloha Love, I am thy Sister, Mizpah.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 5 Meeting/Program

Program was at Nancy's home

Nancy talked about massage techniques..
then she showed us the basics on Judy;
however, I think we should have sold Raffle tickets
to see who got to be the massage subject;-)

Nancy then showed us how-to give a hand massage..
after giving us each a bottle of coconut oil...
we practiced the massage on each other...
which was a wonderfully relaxing feeling...
which everyone enjoyed...

Linda was our latest Ritual of Jewel

Our new President, Judy, gave the Ritual
and the first handshake;-)

Nancy made tasty nutritious treats for us.

and Linda won the door prize;-)

See you all at May 19tht at Noon
The Bird of Paradise Cafe at The Hawaii Prince
Fort Weaver Rd., Ewa Beach

Note:  Teresa will let Sisters know if the room for their next Pledge Ritual
will be large enough for more Sisters to come share the Ceremony.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Founder's Day April 30
New Chapter in Waienae, HI
by Teresa Stinson and Linda Jose

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Founder's Day 2012

Beta Sigma Phi
Founder's Day 2012
Hale Koa, Waikiki, Hawaii

Linda and Teresa signing-in with 3 ladies from their new Chapter...
Chapter name (Beta?) to be announced asap...;-)

Display of past Founder's Days

Sharing craft ideas...

A game with Questions to answer...
how long have you been in Beta Sigma Phi?
When, and why did you come into Beta Sigma Phi?

Find two people with the same birth month...

Find two people with the same name...

there were 4 Barbara's
2 Carols and a Carolyn
2 Sue's and a Susie

             Sue, Susie, Linda, and "Vickie" were born in December

New Chapter, paperwork being sent in Mon. April 30th!
From Alpha chapter, to Beta I think;-)
Teresa read the new Theme 2012/2013
"You're Among Friends"

Skit by
Preceptor Alpha

Women of the Year

                                                     Emily announced our Chapter's
Woman of the Year...and I, Sue "Susie" was she;-)
Thank you so much Sisters;-)
Hawai'i Alpha Chapter
                                                         with a few of the new chapter
(Patricia and Lisamarie had to leave early; next time we take a picture early)
Raffle Photos

See everyone at Nancy's home on May 5th!
Please call early to confirm especially if you are bringing a gurest, Thank You.
I am thy Sister, Mizpah